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XBOX 360 HD help?


My television is capable of 480p resolution, I have run the XBox on that resolution in the past. After taking it to a friend’s house and beholding the glory of 1080i, I have returned it to the original TV. However, I cannot get the machine to output the 480p now. I have everything plugged in, and under system settings I have the HD set to 480p. However, when I flip the switch back to HD, no picture appears on the screen.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, or have I just forgotten what 480p looks like, and that it’s possible to display it without flipping the switch to HD?

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  1. yes you have to have a HD tv to get this to work.480p is standard pixels [analog].remember [digital]is higher and will accept higher pixels.to aswer your question is that you can only play on reg tv so just switch it to standard.hope you get it better.remember to switch the button on rf switch to tv

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