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why won’t my bloodbath arena dlc code work?


i pre-ordered dead island and got it on release day. i try-ed to redeem the bloodbath arena dlc but it said invalid code. i keep entering my code every day and it keeps saying invalid. why does this happen.
and i own this game 4 ps3. my friend said that he already redeemed the dlc. and he owns a ps3 2.

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  1. Because the DLC isn’t out yet. Once the DLC becomes available you can then put your code in and get it for free whereas people who didn’t pre-order will have to pay. Your friend however is lying to you there is no one right now on PS3 or Xbox with the DLC as like I said it isn’t out yet and they in fact have pushed back the date for it to be available since they want to focus a bit more time on squashing bugs and glitches in the game. You can download your Ripper mode you also got though that part is out right now which is probably what your friend has and got confused about that being the DLC or something, or he was just yanking you.

  2. The bloodbath arena dlc will be available at a later date. The code you got gives you access to it once it is released. I believe all you can use now is the ripper weapon.

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