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What would happen if I put a Flash Drive in the USB port on my Xbox 360?


I use one of the two USB ports for a controller (they’re lighter and smaller than the wireless), and was just wondering if I could use a Flash Drive with my Xbox 360 Pro. I suspect nothing would happen, but I don’t want to risk either unit for the sake of curiosity. I’m aware that the Xbox 360 would require a compatible format to use any such serial/peripheral device, but was just curious as to what might work with the Xbox.

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  1. If you have the Spring 2010 Xbox Live update (been connected to Xbox Live anytime past that point, or even accepted the update from any game that would contain that update), then you could format any flash drive of at least 1 Gig to be used as a memory system. You can use up to 16 Gigs in this way, but the flash drive wouldn’t count as a hard drive for purposes that say they require an Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

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