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What game should I get for the PS3?


Little Big Planet 2, Crysis 2, or Black Ops First Strike?

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  1. lbp2 is boring unless you play with other people

    COD franchise is garbage

    Crysis is not that great

    Choose crysis or lbp2 if you have people to play with

  2. -LBP2 is the same as the first one with the exception of massive improvements to the Create part. If you liked LBP, you’ll love 2.

    -Crysis 2 is BEAUTIFUL. Gameplay’s fun if you like a Halo-ish feel.

    -First Strike is just ok as far as the maps go, but if you’re big into zombies, Ascension is easily the best map to date.

    Just matters what you want.

  3. Little Big Planet 2 is fun with other people, so you can play around and goof off. Crysis 2 has got a lot of recoil, which isn’t that big of a deal. First Strike is good only for Ascension or Kowloon, the other ones suck. Especially “Berlin Wall”. Personally I like futuristic games, like halo, so you should either get crysis 2 or little big planet 2( if you have people to play with ),ONLY if not, get first strike. If you don’t want to get ripped off, don’t get FIRST STRIKE. Unless you absolutely love to play zombies.

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