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should i buy an xbox360 now? or save for a ps3 in a couple months?


i have a little bit of money saved for a next gen console. i know the wii is bad. so its down to xbox 360 vs ps3. i know the ps3 has more memory and free internet play and blu ray. but is all that really worth the extra 200?

im playing a ps2 now, and its making me crazy.

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  1. go with the playstation 3. I am in love with this thing and i play it all the time. I had the first xbox and the son of a gun broke down on me with the condition called the death ring. its a red ring that blinks letting you know that the system is broke. i go to stores and look at the xbox 360 displays and the ring is there on them to. plus playstation has free online play witch is best for whipping a#$ around the world.

  2. no xbox360 is waaaaay better. the halo games are addicting especialy if you follow the story. and because it’s cheeper you can spend that extra 200 you would spend on the ps3 on more games.

  3. Depends on what you want.

    Honestly I’m a 360 man, but the PS3 is the best bargain for your money.

    It comes with free wifi

    free internet


    If you buy the cheapp $199 xbox 360, you’ll need to buy a harddrive ($80), a wireless controller ($40) and wifi adapter ($90)

    If money’s the biggest issue just get the ps3

  4. Yes it is. The PS3 may seem expensive at first but think about it: Your gona buy subscriptions to Xbox Live which is about 60$ a year, a rechargeable battery for your controller, an intercooler, (the built n fan sucks) Thats at least like $110 extra right there. If i were you i would just save my money

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  6. I say 360 cause its more organized, faster, cheaper and has been proven to have better graphics. I played the ps3 and I am confused more then 90% of the time but with the 360 you know where everything is and it makes things simpler. Hope this helped.

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