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Ps3 slim turns on automatically?


when i switched off my ps3 slim then i turned on my ps3 controller it had 4 red lights blinking and wouldn’t stop then i switched on my ps3 then it automatically turned on should i be worried.

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  1. hmm.i know that if your controller is plugged into the front of the console when it’s off, it will turn on to charge the controller. it kind of sounds like your controller is messed up, though. mine messed up and most of the buttons quit working all of a sudden and it couldnt stop scrolling through the ps3 menu. i just bought a new controller and my console worked fine, so i suggest borrowing a different controller from a friend to test out if yours is broken or not. good luck with your quest! i hope you emerge victorious!

  2. So you turned off your ps3, then turned on your controller? If so, when you turn on your controller and your ps3 is off, the console will turn on. Its the way I turn on my PS3!

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