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PS3 is broken :( please help?


My PS3 Is broken and I want to know what happened to it. when i start it it runs good but then green spots apear on the screen and its like its broken but I can still hear the sound and stuff but what should I do replace the hard drive? HELP!

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  1. Nope has nothing to do with your Hard Drive.

    This happened to me once before, its because the system overheated and cannot be fixed. you have to call Sony and they will charge you 149.99USD unless you have insurance on it or a warrantee in which case its relaced for free.

    When mine did it I could sometimes start it up and it will work then all of a sudden it freezes with patterns of color (like green dots) and I still hear things happening but it was frozen still like that. its all in your PS3’s motherboard, when you get a replacemnt make sure you’re PS3 is in a well ventillated area and has a lot of room around it.

    Oh and try this, turn on your PS3 and when it freezes like that again lift up the bottom of the PS3 like an inch off the ground and let it hit the groundd, a new pattern of colors will reappear 😀

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