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PS3: do or do not?


ok so I have a ps2 and thats just becoming outdated. I would like the PS3 because it looks ficken awesome and with 8 prcessor cells and the video card that PS3 games now haven’t even touched yet just seems awesome to me. Please name pro’s and con’s about the PS3, thanks

Oh ya should I sell my ps2 system(keep games of course)

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  1. dude, ps3 is totally worth it, the games r amazing. i was nvr a huge gamer, but after getting the ps3 i spend so much time on it. i recently got call of duty 4, and have been playing online ever since. the graphics r awsome, u can play online, and there r amazing games. the only con i can think of is that if u have wireless internet, and your ps3 is not close to your router, u might, (not always) expirience some glitches while playing online, but very rarely- if u have any questions about the ps3, or any games u get for it, contact me at

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  2. well if you are going to get the 80gb(get it now before they run out because they have stopped producing this model) then sell your ps2

    if you are getting the 40gb then keep your ps2 because the 40gb does not play ps2 games.

    the one and only con is that theres no BC for 40gb, but everything else is AWESOME

  3. If your going to get ps3 sell ps2 and the games. Much better games are out, if you have some favorite games keep em, but sell the rest. There are more pros to a ps3 than cons. Ps3 delivers great gaming, Home(Coming soon), and is superior to the ps3.

    Graphics=PS3, currently most multi platform games go to the 360, not for long.

    Games=Xbox dominates this category for now, but 2008 has a great lineup.

    Online=PSN Home will make Xbox live and PSN just about even. Except that psn home is FREE.

    Multimedia=You can upload photos movies and songs.

    Blu ray IS the future. Read all you want, blu ray is winning and will win.

  4. It’s a very good, reliable (less than 0.2% return rate) console with amazing features, such as multimedia versatility, amazing graphics. There is only one BUT – PS3 is so revolutionary new, that a lot of developers are still confused with the creation of new games. There are a lot of delays on PS3. Apart from that – I have it for almost a year and very happy with it.

  5. its 600 bucks with incredible graphics and blue ray, now that its cheaper sony may attract more buyers.I find that a decent deal for Sony PlayStation 3 40GB Spider-Man Movie Pack is $400.You can have a look:

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  6. first of all, the graphics are the same for both 360 and ps3.

    if you don’t believe me, then check out:




    Pros of Ps3:

    Blu Ray

    Six Axis Controller

    40 GB or 80 GB


    Online Gameplay


    Doesn’t overheat



    same controller as ps2

    not too many hit games such as halo 3( not as many exclusives as 360)

    more people, atleast here in the u.s., have 360s.

    online network not so great as xbox live.

    bulkier than 360

    basically, if you want a home theater accessory that has pretty okay games , and if you don’t care about variety of games and are willing to wait for a few months/years for more promising games, then go with ps3.

    but if you want games NOW, and you care more about having a good gaming console, as of now, and you don’t care about it complementing home theater, etc. then go with 360.

  7. well like you I don’t have a ps3 but it does have better graphics and alot of the games coming out are only for ps3 and not ps2 so I would get the money to get it.

    Umm. I would never sell my ps2 its just to special to me but if you feel you could deal with the ps3 only than sell the ps2.


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