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Playstation 3 format?


I am going to buy from online a PS3, but i have heard that they are different for every country? because of formats? I’m living in Finland (I dont speak finnish) so I dont really know which one they use here. Anyone can help me figure out what format should I buy? or where can I read about it? Thanks

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  1. PS3 games are region free, but consoles have four different regions:

    PAL – Europe, India, Australia, etc.

    NTSC U/C – North America;

    NTSC J – Japan;

    NTSC C – China.

    PS1/2 games and movies are region locked. Also voltage differs.

  2. The PS3 is restricted based on CD/DVD regions and Bluray regions. However, Bluray regions are larger than the DVD regions (there’s 3 BD regions as opposed to like 9 DVD regions). If you got a PS3 from somewhere in Europe it’d probably work for you. The PS3 games are region free, and since you’re living in a PAL area, Bluray movies will be of the same region. If you imported from the States, you’d have to get your movies from there.

    Also, your PS1 (or PS2 games if that applies to the model you get), must be from the same region as the console. So if you get a NTSC PS3, your PS1 and PS2 games must be NTSC.

    Just check out the wikipedia pages on region locks and see if you can’t understand better what I’m talking about.

    A lot of games are available in multiple languages now, since the PS3 discs are so massive, they can just stick everything on there. Heavenly Sword, for example, features like 7 language tracks on there.

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