Home Xbox Forum is xbox live gold gonna be free soon?

is xbox live gold gonna be free soon?


i have heard from places that is is gonna go free sometime. my sources told me that it will become free because the xbox 1 came out, and they have lots of money or something like that so when is it gonna be free? and why is it gonna be free? ( if you donot know why it is free it does not matter to much) if it is not comeing free when do you think it will be free?

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  1. maybe if there is a free weekend, but otherwise NO.it’s not going to be free (never has been and never will be!)

    I know this has been the dream of the broke, cheap, and generally desperate gamer for a long time now but still.NO!

  2. No it will never be “free”. Xbox 360 & xbox one are currently running as different consoles.

    The xbox 360 servers will continue running and we will pay for our Xbox live, we don’t pay Xbox live gold just for 360 but when we buy it it’ll unlock for xbox one too.

    Microsoft are all about money they make a LOT, and as long as we keep buying they’ll keep charging.

  3. Like John said, microsoft will probably never have online for free with how much money it costs them (and how much money they want to make).

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