Home Playstation Forum is there ne way to get my psn password back?

is there ne way to get my psn password back?


i tottaly forgot my psn password and i have my ps3 on auto sign in. i need it for purchasing stuff and using remote play features. i tried making a new account and doin it but a lot of psn titles can only be played on the account they were bought on. also i need my old account because i have a lot of gaming rep and leaderbaords and stuff with it.

when i called sony i got my security question wrong and i tried explaining that i don t remember ne of tht stuff and they wont give me my password. i dont understand why they cant just email it to me.

ne help guys?

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  1. ill try to help. first do you remember the answer to your security Question? because you need it to retrieve your password. if you dont, try to remeber it. get back to me. maybe i can jog your memory. just send me a message.

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