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Is it safe to buy a PS3 off ebay?


I see that they be a lot cheaper on ebay.is it safe to buy it on ebay or do it be scams?as anyone on here bought a PS3 off ebay

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  1. I’ve never purchased anything electronic off Ebay but I’ve purchased a lot of things from Ebay and have always been happy. Be sure to look at the seller’s ratings, that will tell you a lot. They get reviewed from their buyers and if the buyers are unhappy then you need to stay away from that seller. Just click on the number in the parenthesis, that’s how many ratings they have, then you can read what people wrote.

  2. yeah, it is. your order will come in but the problem is the quality. sometimes they are not what the sellers say they are. i wouldn’t get PS3 from ebay. anything but PS3.

  3. I’ve bought more expensive things off ebay. I actually have a $700 bass sitting in my room that I got for around $200 from ebay. It really is a personal gamble, though. Some people are scammers, most people are legit.

    Most people that are scamming go for really high-end things though, like cars, entertainment systems, etc. Usually not like a $400 system.

  4. It depends.

    – Check the sellers feedback. Go for the seller that has more positive feedback than negitive.

    – If its too cheap – It’s more likely a scam.

    – Make sure you read EVERYTHING clearly and properly.

    It may be cheap, but buying it from a store would be better. Of course, in the store its expensive but atleast you don’t have to post it anywhere if it breaks!

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