Home Xbox Forum Is anyone else buying Titanfall for xbox 360?

Is anyone else buying Titanfall for xbox 360?


I was thinking about getting the xbox one if I get the money in time, but is anyone getting it for the 360? I don’t want to be like the only one playing haha.
Titanfall for 360 is being developed by bluepoint, and i already know the details about Titanfall
Update 2:
I think i heard the xbox one will be sold for 399 in 2014 but it wont have blu ray

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  1. The disc less xbox was just a rumor and already said it was untrue.

    Also the game will be played with bots at all times. It has 12 vs 12 but it is really 6v6 with bots. They said you would not know if your playing a bot or not so that's good news.

  2. I am.I went to a Whiteboy7th street video with him giving away a free copy of Titanfall and part of being entered for it was commenting on what platform you want it on.Alot were asking for the Xbox 360 version so I think we’re good.

  3. its being ported by a different company and not Respawn (former Modern Warfare devs).

    Titan Fall and Watch Dogs is a good enough reason to get the xbone if and when the price drops for the console and when they have a bigger hdd.

  4. I pre-ordered my copy yesterday. But I ordered for Xbox One. It’s definitely worth it because there will be more players, and an overall better experience. There will still be LOTS of people playing on 360, but I’d recommend getting it for Xbox One.

    @Enthuse – Almost ALL games that are released on a console the game is not native to, is ported by another studio. All the Modern Warfare games + Ghosts were ported to Wii/Wii U by Treyarch. I also don’t think microsoft will drop the price, but I do think they shoudl make bigger HDDs.

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