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I want to buy a ps3 console slim 160gb and I just wanted to know do they still get that yellow light of death?


Or is it fixed now also can you recommend some cheap offers for the ps3 btw I live in Australia

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  1. I haven’t had YLOD at all with my PS3 160GB slim and it’s been half a year.

    I had 3 Xbox 360’s before, and the last one one I had, which is the slim got RROD in less than 3 months.

    The other 2 360’s got RROD in less than a year.

    No, I don’t overplay them or anything, but it seems to me the RROD is much more frequent than the YLOD. I have a new 360 right now and it’s only 3 months old and it seems to be fine.

    But I tend to play my PS3 more, because I’m scared if I turn my 360 on I’ll just get RROD all over again.

  2. Yes they do. It takes longer because the hardware is better and cools better. The yellow light is.really caused by overheating normally.

    I have yet to have mine do it, but I keep mine cool and always have air moving around it.

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