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i have a european playstation 3 and i live in america now and i have a plug converter but it wont work?


i went to radio shack for different kinds of cards and they didnt work as well
I have bought american games and they work on my playstation im not worried about the games im worried about plugging it in and having it turn on. would a 500W converter be good?

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  1. Once you get the correct converter you also have to think about the games! Games/movies in North America are NTSC, which generally will not work in none NTSC devices, such as a European playstation

  2. The converter may not be able to supply enough current. The PS3 draws a lot or power.

    But, I believe the PS3 natively supports 120-240V 50-60 hz which is inclusive of American as well as European power ranges. All you should need is an American style power cord. Try eBay to find a cable. You should double check the manual just to be sure.

  3. yours needs more power, an adapter also has to be a voltage charger too.

    just a plug adapter wont work, the electronics are looking for more warp power and the american di-lithium crystals dont have your 220 juice.

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