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How to put more memory on your PS3?


I have a 80GB PS3 that I got for Christmas in 2006. Over the years I got like over 30 games, 130 songs, and 4 movies on it. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to downloaded the Starhawk Beta but got a message that my PS3 does not have enough memory on it so I went to check the the storage capacity and only had 631MB’s left. I did delete a bunch of old games and useless stuff and did had enough to download the beta but then the MW3 map packs came out and the same message came up again. So is there any way to get more memory for my PS3 and how to back up my hard-drive to a storage device? Please help me out I want those map packs but don’t want to delete more stuff.

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  2. I’ll explain exactly what to do step by step so don’t listen to the others for this ok. The one was slightly wrong. You gotta do this properly. Get an external HDD for sure. You need to get it formatted to FAT32. It MUST be formatted to FAT32 or the PS3 won’t have ANY idea what it is alright. Make sure the external HDD is AT LEAST as big as your current HDD (the 80GB.) But honestly, I would actually say to get a 320GB external HDD. Once you do that, plug it into your PS3 and go to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility > Back Up > Yes > Yes. If your worried about trophy info it should tell you how to save it, which is just syncing it to the server. Very easy.

    Now, while your PS3 is busy backing itself up to your external HDD there, your gonna go shopping, ’cause it’s gonna take a while. a long while lol. Go into an electronics store. Future Shop or Best Buy or whatever it is you’ve got where your living. You need to get yourself a new internal HDD for your PS3. Get EXACTLY what I say here and I’ll explain why in a little bit here. Get a Seagate Low Power Energy Efficient Momentus LP 320GB SATA 8MB Cache 5400RPM 2.5″ Notebook Drive. Exactly that. That’s what it will say on the box. I actually have that exact HDD inside my PS3 right now because I recently did all this that I’m telling you now. You can get another HDD, but if you do; it MUST be 2.5″ SATA 5400RPM (No higher than 5400RPM because it can make the system overheat real easy, but no lower because it isn’t powerful enough. MUST BE 5400RPM.)

    I got that particular internal HDD for 2 main reasons.

    1. It’s exactly what the PS3 needs.

    2. It comes with 5 years warranty. Other brands give less warranty and bigger price. So you’d have a real tough time beating this name brand based on warranty/price alone.

    3. I could afford it as well. It cost me $79.99 + tax which ended up being just under $91 (might seem like a lot, but go compare brands for both quality and warranty and you’ll see it’s very worth it.)

    Once your PS3 is done backing itself up onto that external HDD, you unplug EVERYTHING from your system (make sure you don’t have a game in here right now, very bad idea.) You need to cut off all the power and any chords to the system. This is where your gonna swap your PS3’s HDD and replace it with that brand new one you just went out and got. Swapping is real easy and straightforward. It’s AFTER the swap people seem to have problems. I’ll explain it for you though so don’t worry. I’ll even include 2 links that show/tell you exactly what I’ve been saying so far and after as well. The first time your turn your PS3 on it’s gonna be a pain and give you an annoying message saying the HDD can’t be found or something silly like that. You need to get a USB flash drive (formatted to FAT32 too) and you need to put the latest update onto it. A folder within a folder. I’ll give you the direct link that gives you the direct download of the update and it also explains exactly what to do so I don’t have to explain it. I’ll post the two links at the end though. So once you got the update on there you plug it into your PS3 and it will tell you to hold Select and Start or something like that. That makes the PS3 search for the update, which it WILL find, it just might take a bit. Then it’ll get you to format and reformat the new HDD. That’s normal, it NEEDS to do that. Once it’s formatted itself it’ll be like when you first got the PS3 and nothing was on it. Pull out that external HDD again and plug it in. Go back to the Backup Utility. Remember when you clicked Back Up? Underneath Back Up it should have said Restore and Delete Backup Data. Click Restore. Once again you gotta wait forever. What it’s doing now is it’s getting back EVERYTHING (except for some things if they’re copyright protected) on your new HDD. Once it’s done it’ll be exactly like it was before you swapped HDDs.

    [url is not allowed]. < -- Video showing backup, HDD swap, and restore, step by step. [url is not allowed]. < -- Playstation site that gives you the download link for the update and explains how to put it on the USB flash drive. Read it carefully and follow it properly and you'll have no troubles. Download itself you have to click on "Download now" (this has to be done on a computer obviously.) Hope that helps.

  3. I have a simple solution for backing up and storing your movies, songs etc. Use an external hard drive. I’d recommend a 500GB or 1 Terabyte. It just plugs right in the USB of the PS3. No configuring whatsoever. It is solidly awesome. It’ll make your PS3 be like whoaaa dude! So get that and all is chill.

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