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how to connect my ps3 slim?


how can i connect my new ps3 SLIM to my LG monitor which has just a VGA port?

I bought HDMI to VGA cable but its just not working Is the problem form my ps3 🙁 or its just the cable?please help me i wanna play final fantasy :]
thanks a lot tomorrow im ganna buy a VGA to RCA adapter or cable


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  1. HDMI is digital and VGA is analog. Digital and analog don’t just “connect”. You are supposed to convert the signal to one or the other with a converter box. That cable is not supposed to work unless:

    1. Your VGA port can accept digital signals (obviously, it can’t).

    2. The monitor is HDCP compliant (the PS3 requires HDCP encryption in order to use HDMI video, no exceptions).

    You would need to satisfy both of these, by the way, not just one. You need to buy a VGA to RCA adaptor and use the PS3’s RCA cables, not HDMI.

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