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How to charge PS3 DUAL SHOCK®3 wireless controller?


OK this might sound like a stupid question but my friend says that when you buy the ps3 which includes a controller that you have to buy a separate charger for the controller is this true.

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  1. No, there should be a wire that comes in the box, you put one side into your controller (the port where you see the USB sign near the R and L 1 and 2 buttons. and the otehr side of the cord into one of the UDB ports on the playstation 3

    for me my usb is in the front (slim model 0but im not sure about the older one

  2. I am about to buy a ps3 and i think yo need to buy a seperate charger unless best buy and sams club are ripoffs.

  3. NO it comes with a usb cord to charge the controller if you buy a new ps3. If you buy a new controller seperate, then it does not come with a cord.

  4. When you buy the console it already comes with a usb cable to charge the control but its not long enough so your best bet is to purchase a separate charger so you can charge it without the ps3 beeing on

  5. no. one usb charging cable comes with ps3 to charge it when needed. you can still play with the usb hooked up to controller while it’s charging. if you want you can purchase an additional usb charging cable or a charging station but you’ll be fine without charging station. i bought an additional charging usb cord just incase i need to charge 2 at once.

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