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How much would the PS4 cost?


Now I’m saying hypothetical if PS4 were to release this time next year and the Xbox 720 or whatever is to release at the same time, then what might you guess the price might be. I estimated about 500-700 dollars based on current tech. I want to know your thoughts.
I’m adding details now that I seen 3 stupid answers.

I asked HYPOTHETICAL IF this was to be. Not whether or not PS4 is coming out next year. I need serious answers.

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  1. I would probably estimate around 350-400 dollars. You can buy a PS3 for around 200 dollars right now and the PS4 technology would greatly surpass the technology that we have right now. I hope this helps!

  2. I would say something about the ps3 launch price, which i think was $300-$500. If it is coming out then i would say that range. But currently i would say it is rumors and there is still a few more years or so

  3. It will be, at most, $399. It wasn’t until this price point was reached the PS3 started selling in numbers, and anything beyond that is generally considered “too expensive” for a console. No console retailing for more than $400 has ever been successful (Saturn, 3d0, PS3 until the redesign and price cut).

    So my guess? Will launch in two versions.

    “Entry level system” – Basic, starter set, whatever they want to call it, with console, controller, smaller HDD or flash memory. hookups: $299

    “Premium bundle” Deluxe, fancier version, etc, with console, controller, a sizable HDD, hookups, some sort of “bonus” content like a game or 6 months of PSN or someuch (My best guess is a voucher for a digital/PSN downloadable game as Sony’s really starting to embrace digital versions): $399

  4. Can you stop spreading the PS4, and xbox 720 rumors? they have not been announced on any official sites, they are just rumors.

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