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How do I get the NAT type open on ps3?


yeah I want the NAT type open for black ops on ps3 I don’t understand how, my modem is a thomson gateway TG782T I have looked everywhere in the modem settings beforehand but nowhere to find port forwarding. but another situation I don’t understand I just got black ops for xbox 360 and it already says that the NAT types open? I have also rang my provider but they didn’t even have a clue what a nat type was and didn’t help.

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  1. open is good. and i dont know whats the deal with BO

    but if you check you test your internet connection on the ps3 it tells you what nat type you have. mine is type 1 which is the best.



  2. to check nat setting load the game, click play online and when you Hav the solo or coop mode for online you will see in the corner NAT TYPE.

  3. First off there’s 3 Nat Types:

    Nat Type 1 means Connected directly to the internet (no router/firewall). Should have no issues.!

    Nat Type means Connected through a router properly. Should have no issues.

    Nat Type 3 means Connected through a router without open ports or DMZ setup for PS3. Everything should function properly, but you may have connection, voice chat or other issues.

    To change your Nat Ty do the following!

    While most everything will function properly regardless of what your NAT setting is, your best bet is to set up your PS3 so that you can obtain a Type 1 or Type 2 NAT. Since most of us have routers at home for connecting multiple computers or devices to the internet, chances are the best we will get will be Type 2. Thankfully that’s fine and everything will work properly.

    The first thing you will want to do is check your network connection. Head on over to the Network Settings tab on the XMB.

    You will receive a warning letting you know that you will be signed out in order to perform the test. Choose okay. If you have not made any setting changes in your PS3 or Router, chances are you will receive the following message:

    The warning reads: “When the NAT type is type 3, chat or the communication features of games may be restricted. For more information, refer to the online instruction manual.”

    In order to open up your NAT on your PS3 you will need to make an adjustment on your PS3 and on your router. First you will want to set up your PS3 for a static IP address. This means turning off DHCP and assigning your PS3 a single, static IP address. Before you start this process head over to the network tab on the XMB and choose “Internet Connection Status.” From here note your current IP address, your subnet mask, your default router and primary and secondary DNS settings. Write these down, you will need them in the following steps.

    To do this, visit the Internet Connection Settings tab on the XMB.

    From here most of the settings can simply be passed through with default settings. There are two areas, however, that you have to change. The first is choosing a Custom address setting (instead of Easy).

    From here, you will want to choose Manual IP Address Setting:

    Remember the settings you wrote down from your status page? You will need them here. You will have to enter in the static IP Address you want to assign to your PS3, the Subnet Mask (which is usually, the default router (the IP address of your router, most often or, and the Primary and Secondary DNS settings. You will have to input all of these numbers. This is made much easier with a DVD Remote or keyboard.

    Please NOTE – You will want to set the last number of your IP address high enough that other wireless or wired items on your network will not be assigned the same number through DHCP. For example if DHCP has chosen.3 as an IP address for your PS3 initially, bump it up to say.23 if you have less than 23 items in your network. If you do not have DHCP enabled on your router, you do not need to worry about this and can simply choose an IP address that does not conflict with your other devices and which is available through your router.

    Once you have all of the settings input, press X to save them. Your settings will change and the PS3 will offer to perform an Internet Connection Test for you. If you let it do the test now chances are you will still get a Type 3 NAT connection.

    In addition to making the necessary changes on your PS3, you will also have to open up some ports on your router. The ports you need to open are: TCP: 80, 443, 5223

    UDP: 5223, 3478, 3479, 3658!


    Go to your default routers setting, By typing in your Routers IP in URL Box – linksys’s default is and Username is blank, Password is Admin

    Once you have forwarded these ports and saved your settings its a good idea to unplug and plug back in your router. This will refresh everything on your network connected to your router. Once done head back to your PS3 and perform an Internet Connection Test. If you did everything correctly, you’ll get a message confirming!

    The 2 links below take you to portforward where you’ll find a list of routers and how to open ports for different games on the PS3!

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