Home Xbox Forum How can you tell if a xbox 360 has the Jasper chip?

How can you tell if a xbox 360 has the Jasper chip?


I am going to buy another Xbox 360 and have been reading that the new ones have a “jasper ” chip-set which is far less prone to the ring of death. But how can I tell if the Xbox has that chip without opening the box?

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  1. Ummmm i dont know what youve been reading, but a Jasper is a Jtag. A jtag is the thing that lets you mod games, download free games, etc. A Jasper chip isnt less prone to getting the red ring of death than any other xbox.

    However, getting a Jtag is extremely fun. I have one and it is AWESOME. But i dont use it for the free games, but modding games is fun

    Hope this helps

  2. Look on the back of the console or if it’s still in the box, look inside the hole for the bar code. To the left, you’ll see where it says ‘Made In China’. Above that is the voltage. 12,1A means it’s a Jasper unit.

    -@Buckshot: No. Jasper is the name of the chip set (CPU and GPU) within the 360. It’s smaller and less prone to overheating. The 360 has had several revamps of its set over the years with each one being smaller with less heat production. Older ones in the older (non-Slim) 360s are the Zephyr, Xenon, and Falcon. You may have a Jtagged Jasper, but the Jasper part refers to the chip set. You should know what you’re buying/modding before you do it.

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