Home Playstation Forum HELP! PS3 wireless stereo headset wont connect!?

HELP! PS3 wireless stereo headset wont connect!?


I just got the wireless stereo headset for PS3 and so I plugged the adapter in, it blinked in sets of two for a little while but then it stopped and Im not sure how to get it to connect. I’m really worried. I tried resetting both, then charging the headphones. JUST PLEASE HELP!

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  1. Hey guys bought the stereo headset for my ps3 the minute iplugged the dongle stick i recieved an error code 8012170a tried looking it up nothing called customer service still nothing what can it be,how do i fix this problem?

  2. did you read the instructions on how to connect and setup the headset or just plug in and think that makes it connected and setup fully?

    plug in and charge for 24 hours before first use , then plug in the adapter and click on settings > accessory settings > audio device settings to set the headset as the input and output device , this is what actually connects and sets the headset up for use

    be sure you turn it on and set the headset up on the actual headset too , if you set it on mute or some other setting you get beeps or lights flash to tell you that. read the manual it came with so you know how to use its settings and buttons right.

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