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GTA 4 resolution of PS3?


i have my PS3 hooked up to a 46″ toshiba using a nyko hdmi cable. both my ps3 and tv are set to 1080p. when i play GTA 4 the graphics are looking horrible! the resolution is low, it is fuzzy, and all the edges are super jagged! can someone please help me?!! thank you!

my ps3 is hooked up to my tv with hdmi. both my tv and ps3 are set to 1080p, but gta 4 is running at 480p what should i do?

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  1. the highest gta can run is 600 and somthing , u might wana check the ps3 display option and turn on super white and the other option to fix it

  2. i have a samsung and a universal hdmi that works on ps3 and 360 but i only use for ps3 cuz 360 sucks balls anyways maybe u should check if it on the right channel cuz it gotta say hdmi when u change to it

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