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Changing psn accounts.?


I havw seen people change their online psn id if the account is japanese. Mine currently is canada and i was wondering if it is possible to change it from canada to japan. Please help me with this problem=O

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  1. even in japan you can’t change the psnID , the only way is by making a new account , to make a japanese account you need a real japanese address , different e-mail and everything is japanese so you’d better be able to read it , plus only a japanese credit card works to buy from a japanese account and the store items are mostly things we can’t buy anyway , you lose everything and start over by changing any account to a new one.if you don’t like your screen name , you picked it. I created a japanese account to get the free dynamic theme but since I don’t read japanese have no idea what information my japanese buddy used for signing up , for some reason my psnid turned out to be random letters in english.

    serious , forget a japanese account , just create a second canadian account , you need a new e-mail address and create a new user – you’ll have 2 accounts then on one ps3

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