Home Playstation Forum Any good non PC shooting games without a lot of cursing?

Any good non PC shooting games without a lot of cursing?


I dont mind him playing bloody or gory games because I communicate with him all the time about what is fake and what is real, but I do mind too much sexuality and cursing.

He does not care much for shooting targets. He likes shooting monsters.

Please give me some recommendations. WII, PS3, Xbox 360 does not matter. As long as it is not a PC game. I dont like downloading games onto my computer.

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  1. Hey,

    To get House of the Dead III for free you can click here on the link: [url is not allowed]

    The graphics of this version are good with regular light effects and detailed scenarios with hidden items. If you shoot to the furniture, you will find in the different stages how to get more lives and other extras.

    It’s the best game of its category.

  2. i think you can go with Ys Seven psp go game i am sure you like so much.

    It is a fun game to play. It have five towns and a lot of dungeon and bosses to kick the butt of.

    Overall it has a great storyline and gameplay.

    It has a easy mode to nightmare mode so anyone can play it.

    Ys Seven is wonderful. Game of the year for the PSP for me.,

  3. Have you looked into the children selection of games? Theres Lego Starwars and so many other choices out there. Check it out online at stores like gamestop.com.

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